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Cindi Ford

My desire to bring awareness to personal, psychological and social issues within intimate and community settings, serves as both the theme, and the underlying catalyst of my work.  Personal life experiences involving family, friends and acquaintances become the influence driving the images I create.  From my the weddings of my daughter and son and the frenzy of activity that accompanied both those momentous events, to the roads less traveled that defined our trips to northern Michigan this past year, life as it surrounds me, provides the perspective, inspiration and motivation for my work.

My artistic development spirals around the need to create, make new discoveries and commit them to form.  Printmaking fulfills me, as well as providing a challenge to learn and explore the endless possibilities of the medium.  It has become my passion.

Printmaking has evolved into my passion because of the attraction I have to the many, varied methods of print media.  Woodcut is more meditative - the quiet digging in the wood with the intent to create a unique, expressive marking that, with its depth, ultimately sets the print apart from a drawing.  The graphic nature of the woodcut lends itself to commentary.  I am drawn to etching for the surprises brought through the acid and its subsequent ability to create subtle value shifts, texture and varied line quality.  Most of the images created through this process are cutouts which I can repeat in work or in other scenes.  Screen print and xerography offer the photo, and a quick way for repetition.

Working intuitively gives me the freedom to be engaged in a continual, creative process.  Because life is not one dimensional, I also have discovered that layering is important to my work as well.  I like the process of mixing these processes into one image.

My Christian faith, along with nature and animals, also trigger commentary in the pieces I create.  Mixing these themes through the filter of my own imagination, I form a fragment of a story or event or even a parable or legend, such as my use of Wind in the Willows. The themes of life, as told through experience or narrative, inspire my commentary.